Contact centres – The only way is up!


Contact centres – The only way is up!
Working in a contact centre is becoming more and more attractive, much better than it is perceived…

It’s easy to dismiss the opportunity of working in a contact centre. Old myths are spread by those who were most likely unsuccessful. But there are several factors to consider before rejecting the option completely.

  • Opportunity to be rewarded for hard work
    The sign of a great contact centre is one that engages in employee initiatives. This gives every individual, regardless of level or experience a positive outlook on coming to work. There is consistently something to get out of bed for, not just another ‘shift’.


  • Utilise your invaluable people skills
    Although we are in an age where there is an ever-increasing push for self service, there is still a huge requirement for customers to talk to a company if they have a query or issue that can’t be resolved online


  • The necessary skills are in demand
    Resilience, objection handling, upselling and problem solving are skills that not everyone naturally possesses. Being a contact centre agent is no walk in the park. No one is an overnight success at dealing with difficult customers. The demand for these skills has never been higher


  • Get your life back
    One of the most common ‘complaints’ people have in their job is that the work/life balance is tilted too far towards the former. Being able to work a range of different shifts that are flexible around our lifestyle is a desired perk for so many. If you perform well, great contact centres will reward you with the flexibility you require


  • Variety is important
    How many of you are fed up of doing the same thing day in, day out? Roles within contact centres are more diverse than ever. Gone are the days where you spend your whole day on the phone. A range of accessible channels such as e-mail, chat, social media, etc all have to be handled from somewhere. Expect to be busy
  • You can be satisfied
    Whether you have turned a negative customer opinion into a positive one, saved someone’s day from being as bad as they feared, or even their life in some cases, contact centre work can give you an immense feeling of personal satisfaction for the work you are doing. A pretty incredible feeling if you ask me


Be sure that the old myths of contact centre employment are diminishing. They are changing for the better and provide brilliant working environments. Excellent if you are looking for personal growth, then. The only way is up indeed.

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