With Food & Drink representing the largest manufacturing sector in the UK and around 10,000 new products introduced to the market every year, it’s Logical that the FMCG sector is booming with vacancies. Apply now – it makes sense.

With volatile price fluctuations in raw materials, an ever-increasing complex supply chain continues to pressurise both retailers and manufacturers. Consumers also now have more and more channels to make decisions, increasing the competition for their spend. With all these ongoing factors, it is imperative that recruitment strategies in FMCG are made simple.

The Logical Way is to make the process painless for both candidate and client, using our expertise and knowledge of the industry to think on our feet and safeguard margins. We understand the real value in finding and placing an exceptional candidate, fast. It makes sense.

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Trev's Top Tips

When Looking for a FMCG role, look at the job brief and what key skills they are looking for then try include these key skills on your CV.

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