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Logical Recruitment Partners was set up by Marc and Tiffany 7 years ago and in that time have specifically dedicated their time to recruiting into and for BPO’s across the World but we do have a ‘special relationship’ with Teleperformance. 


We don’t just recruit in the UK but across Europe for Teleperformance… don’t believe us?


  • In the UK we are the go to recruitment agency for temporary positions at Teleperformance. We aren’t just on the PSL we are contacted weekly by the heads of recruitment across all 19 offices to fulfil the recruitment needs of the country. Between July and October we filled and completed over 500 vacancies. Just ask Lorraine Day, UK COO.


  •  In Greece we are 1 of 5 recruitment agencies used by Teleperformance for their specialist language needs. €millions are spent every year attracting the right bilingual talent to Athens and Thessoliniki and our expert, inside knowledge of the Greece team allows us to add value to the process. We were instrumental in them building a recruitment flow process, which we understand is being launched to Teleperformance locations globally. Just ask Michel, Athens CEO 


  • In The Czech Republic we fill vacancies for the hardest to find candidates in one of the harder to find locations in Europe. We work with Teleperformance Pardubice because we understand their needs and (without a ‘pitch’ or rubbish sales speech) were able to add value to the day to day processes in Pardubice. Just ask head of recruitment, Jiri Neumeister.


  • In Portugal we have successfully placed 50 candidates from across Europe in the last 6 months to global campaigns, all from the comfort of the UK. We have a dedicated team who understand life in Portugal, understand the recruitment process at TP Lisbon and importantly, speak the languages of the candidates we are asked to find. Just ask Tom Dirks, head of recruitment in Lisbon


  • In Spain, we work closely with Sara Sanchez, to help add value to their interview process and speed up their time to hire, a major issue with all BPO’s everywhere. 


We don’t just understand recruitment, we don’t just understand the BPO market, we understand what it means to be below quota, we understand the issues of attrition, we even understand the issues of recruitment into the BPO industry and with our unique insight into the World of Teleperformance we are adding value to the recruitment process. The aim of the game is to reduce the time to hire and attrition. 


That is why we don’t just put bums on seats, we understand the current process by physically visiting sites and finding ways to add value, to make Teleperformance more effective, so you save time, save money and don’t lose contracts because recruitment was bad in the first place. 


Right now we are in talks with other Teleperformance locations across Europe and if you are reading this and from a Teleperformance location, resonating with all the points above then it may be worth picking up the phone and talking with one of the team… after all; It makes sense that each interaction matters.

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