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It’s May, Covid-19 is easing off and Logical Recruitment Partners haven’t just weathered the storm, we are growing to help fill the bounty of customer service advisor and sales executive jobs we have available. 

We have spoken to hundreds of people over the last few weeks and months, all concerned with either not having a job to go back to and being made redundant or reviewing their job/life in general. Logical Recruitment Partners finds people who are looking for, not just a job change, but a lifestyle change, we recruit people who want to pack up and move across Europe to pursue a career as a Customer Service advisor or Sales executive. The only caveat is needing to be bilingual or multilingual.


That is Logical Recruitment Partners niche market, Europe’s premier recruitment agency for bilingual and multilingual professionals looking for a new career. 


We started 6 years ago when Marc and Tiffany decided to pack up their day to day and start their own Recruitment business, both have extensive experience hiring sales executives and customer service executives into the British BPO (Business Processes Outsourcing) market. Over the years this has grown and evolved. Companies and our clients are increasingly recruiting across Europe from second or third tier cities, which means the need to attract talented ambitious professionals from other countries (or first tier cities) who want a change of lifestyle and career. 


Specifically we want people from all over Europe to do one thing, speak their native tongue. Being bilingual comes with huge job opportunities that could put them on a real career path if you are willing to move to a new country (within Europe) to pursue something new.  


We aren’t looking for people with 10 years experience for an entry level job, we aren’t looking for people with experience at all, we are looking for people who want a change in life, change in career and have the ambition to pack up and move. 


The clients we represent realise that moving across Europe isn’t always that easy so we work with them and you to ensure it is made as easy as possible, and that starts by paying you to move. You will not be out of pocket. 


All of our clients will pay your travel expenses and all will pay initial accommodation fees and help you find a ‘new normal’ permanent address, some of our clients go further and will pay your accommodation throughout your contract with them. Some go even further and will pay towards your food for the duration of your employment. During this Pandemic our client in Athens are quarantining new staff in a fully expensed hotel for 2 weeks while they work through their training. 


Basically you could get paid every month and not worry about paying bills, meaning you get to enjoy your ‘pay cheque’ on a new lifestyle, with new friends, in a new city while building a genuine career. 


Right now we have vacancies for 94 native language posts (consisting of hundreds of jobs for each language skill) in Lisbon, Valencia and Athens. All great job opportunities in amazing cities during a time when people are being laid off or facing the real possibility that they may not have a job very soon. 


Covid-19 hasn’t affected us, it could be affecting your career but it doesn’t have to. If you want a change please get in touch with one of the team at Logical Recruitment Partners.


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