What a great time to hunt for the next step in your sales career!


I was licking my lips this week as more brilliant opportunities were uploaded to our website. With the financial year having just renewed, along with sales targets, believe me when I say sales directors need the very best sales candidates to get ahead of their new targets! As I relax in my basket I can feel the energy in the office at the moment, everyone is galvanised speaking to clients and candidates alike as they book interviews and there’s some really exciting placements happening. It got me thinking – what a great time this is if you are looking for that next step in your sales career!

You might be someone who has excelled as a sales graduate, smashed your previous annual target for a couple of years and now want to work for a company that provide a more technical product/service alongside a higher sales quota. You may also be working for a company where it just hasn’t worked; you’ve missed your targets for whatever reason and you’re not enjoying it. Don’t dwell, take advantage of the fantastic vacancies available at Logical Recruitment Partners, it makes sense!

The Logical team will work with you throughout your journey, understand exactly where you stand as of today and where you want to be tomorrow, next year, etc. They’ve all been in your position before, so they get it.

We have some fantastic opportunities in our specialist industries, you could find yourself in a place you could only have dreamt:

FMCG sales – showcasing dynamic, exciting products for some of the UK’s best retailers

Call centre sales – great opportunities available to communicate various leading products and packages on behalf of a top brands

Contact centre sales – fancy an upsell? Company’s are calling for candidates like you. They need to protect their brands and deliver the best possible service

Food Service sales – bit of a foodie? Why not dip into the food service industry. You could find yourself selling the finest Michelin quality ingredients to high quality restaurants

Information technology sales – selling the latest industry leading technologies to businesses and consumers – from cyber security to hyperconverged infrastructure, networking solutions to innovative software

You might not be sure what industry is best for you. Don’t worry, get in touch with the team today and they’ll proactively provide you with options based on your skills and experience. Watch out if it’s Marc or Tiffany that you speak to, they ooze
positivity. Shame they aren’t so positive about giving me some fuss today. Didn’t want fuss anyway.

Good luck!

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