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  1. The client

If you are a Business Process Outsourcer, we only work in your market, you are what we know and you are who we want to support. We won’t ask you about your requirements, we know you have attrition issues. We want to know about your processes and how (through tried and tested experience) we can help better them so as to improve attrition.


With a combined 50 years' experience in this market, we know you need the right staff and we know you need them quickly. We will share how we have helped the biggest BPO’s in the World not only improve their brand but improve their image to potential job seekers looking for their next big (or first major) career in sales and customer service. 


We make a point of meeting with every client we work with, whether you are in the UK, Europe or everywhere else. It's a point of principle that we know who you are and that you know who we are. 


Our promise to you is ensuring we get you the right people, who are going to work hard and genuinely want a new career with the amazing opportunities you have in the incredible environment you are creating for your staff; whether that be in the office or at home. It makes sense


2.   The candidate

What do you associate with the UK? Tea, fish and chips, Harry Potter?

What do you associate with the USA? Doughnuts, fried chicken, Disney?

What do you associate with a call centre? Relentless outbound cold call sales?


All are absolutely correct except our promise to you that the call centre environment is changing that association, it's learning and actually, most of our current roles are inbound based. Regardless, we would never put you forward to a role that would not suit you.


Through us we can guarantee you a solid career path if you are willing to work hard and learn something new, where you will never have to make an outbound call and where your role will be to help the customers of some of the largest brands in the World. We have some amazing consultants who will kill off the association that the call centre is a dark and dingy hole of no return, its a bright and airy career with a genuine path and one we would be happy to take you on. 


If you want to know more about what we do, how we do it, why we are good at it and how we can help you then get in touch with us today and let us work with you to start that journey.

It makes sense, this Logical way of ours


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